Meryem’s Hotel has been working hard to make all the necessary arrangements for post-COVID-19 stays at the premises.  All the precautions that have been taken are in accordance with the recommendations and standards of the World Health Organisation, TRNC Health Ministry, TRNC Tourism and Environmental Ministry, and Turkish Cyprus Hoteliers Association (KITOB). 

Some of these precautions are presented below



Hotel personnel have been trained and certified with the post-Covid-19 hygiene and sanitation requirements.


The premises have been inspected by the TRNC Health Ministry and Tourism Ministry, and having successfully met and exceeded all conditions we have been granted permission to re-open.


The TRNC Health Ministry has taken specific procedures, which has included a call centre (No. 1102), if a guest or staff member is found to have the signs of Covid-19. Our hotel personnel have had training and our hotel has implemented all of these procedures.


All fixtures and fittings in public area, guest rooms, and personnel areas have been disinfected and serviced with the ULV equipment.


The necessary equipment, such as thermometers, have been installed, where anyone entering the premises is monitored upon arrival, and details are recorded. 


 PCR test certificates will be requested from the guests entering through all borders.


At the entrance of the hotel, the guests will be informed about the Covid-19 measures, practices and the rules, and will complete a form to confirm commitment.


Physical distancing arrangements (at least 1.5 meters) have been made in all common areas – such as the restaurant, pool area and reception – which consist of signs and/or floral floor tape (consistent with Meryem’s décor theme).


The check-in and check-out times have been revised (check-in is at 15:00 and check-out 11:00 am) to allow the servicing and airing of the room to be within standards. 


All rooms are serviced through, for example, linen washed in 70°C, and disinfected with the ULV equipment and cleaning material.


All  rooms have been provided with disposable masks and gloves.


All public areas (rest rooms, receptions, restaurant, balconies, terraces, pools, library) are periodically disinfected. A different colour cleaning cloth is coordinated for different areas or fixtures.


Personnel areas (rest rooms, receptions, common areas, kitchen and residence) are periodically disinfected. A different colour cleaning cloth is coordinated for different areas of fixtures.  Personnel uniforms and masks are washed in 70°C, and masks and gloves are compulsory for service.


All main personnel and guest entrances have been installed with hand disinfectant applicators and foot disinfection mats. 


Kitchens and restaurant areas have adapted to disposable equipment such as napkins, salt and pepper sachets.  


The Acquisition, Goods Acceptance and Storage processes of Meryem’s are being carried out in accordance with the protocol prepared by the hotel management and are monitored and recorded by the manager. Suppliers, drivers, etc. coming from outside to the facility are subject to all precautions, including physical distance rules.  Products are selected from licensed suppliers and packaged products.


Our swimming pool has always been serviced, cleaned, checked and recorded according to the protocol prepared by the management, with the water’s chlorine levels kept between 1-3 ppm and recorded periodically: this will be put on display on a board for our guests to view and swim with comfort.


Information signs for guests to take a shower before entering the pool have been made displayed.


All cooling and heating equipment have been serviced and disinfected.